Monday, July 24, 2006

My Black Friday...

It made me feel so bad when blogging was banned in this country.... made me feel like i'd lost some integral part of me. But well, it all came back... and somehow, i still didn't feel like updating. Partly because the previous post is so close to my heart...and partly because our blogging network is suffering from a lack of activity. Where is everyone! Anyway... am so glad i still have this blog!

There's nothing much thats been happening... nothing worth a mention. So i'll get down to writing about friday, 21st of july, when i thought the whole wide world was conspiring against my happiness... and for 3 good reasons. First, my blog, ad any other blog just refused to open! And then i found out abt the whole ban... and hell, i was upset... I whined and complained...and that passed. And then sukanya told me that Cannavaro (italy football captain who slept holding the world cup the night they won it!) was bought by the money pit called Real madrid! The club i loathe... because i believe they just keep buying the world's best looking players, who do play well, but go there to lose form...i was so upset! Ocourse we all knew abt the match fixing problem in juventus... but did he have to get bought into REAL MADRID? ok fine... yeah then that came and went. And then, the biggest hit for the day! Chennai city has this annoying history of releasing movies later than any other city in the country... simply because of i dont know what! And this time, this got onto my nerves like hell... i for one, have been waiting for 'pirates of the caribbean - dead man's chest' from the minute i finished seeing the first one! And inspite of having that friday off, i couldnt watch the movie simply because they didn't release it! Arrggghhh...

Anyway.... as of now, i say - Captain Jack sparrow, Where are you! Show yourself!!!!! Am waiting... we're waiting... chennai's waiting for your swaggering drunken walk, and your slurred speech, and 'kohl'ed eyes...and your slender lady-like fingers that u got a stunt for, your whacky expressions and that roller coaster ride type action! and lastly, but never ever the least - those high high high cheek bones that define you - Johnny depp - Pirate of all pirates!! Keep signing those autographs (polls show that he signs the most no.of autograohs in hollywood!), i hope to get one someday!

Well... i'll get back with a solid post later...

Yours " waiting for jack sparrow"ly
Signing off....

Monday, July 10, 2006

The taste, smell, touch, vision, feeling.....of victory!

Do i need to describe the feeling? The euphoria? The tears.... My italy!!!!!!!!! woo hooo!! They got out of that jinx... that 'we never win a match that goes to the penalty shoot-outs' jinx. But everything else, sticks to history. The power of history sort of dawned upon me last night... 1982 repeated. And i sat and cried in jubiliation...i jumped...i screamed.... Italy reach the finals once in 12 years, and they win alternately. Thats history. Italy lost out on penalty shoot outs, but definitely not in this one! Thats history broken! Its hats off to Cannavaro (the best defender i know), and Pirlo (who has such style in midfield), and Gattuso (mr.agrressive), And Del piero(here's class), And toni (record striker, and one hell of a smile, but didn do too well), and Camoranesi(rough!!), and Grosso(the man who scored that winning goal), and Matterazzi(the man who made dear Zidane let his team down,and the one who scored that first goal), and De Rossi(one more penalty), and the wall - Buffon!(world's most expensive Nil's words, he counts money with those hands...he better save the goals! And he did... a great job!) And lastly, but not the least, coach Lippi. His startegy clicked... wow. And to the others... totti, iaqinta, perotta, zamborotta, and whoever's name that must have just slipped.... :D

The extent to which people around you believe in your team sometimes makes so much of a difference. And the people who made me believe italy were going to lift that cup... Nilesh (with all his flashnews and his own startegies to how italy are goin to play!), Sathya (who actually told me that i might have been azzurri by birth for one of my comments! That made me smile like hell), Nitya (who kept saying, just wait and see, they're going to win. Relax...), Sandhya (who made me call her and scream each time italy scored!), my dad (who sent sms' from kenya to say 'fantastic goal divs' like i'm the one who trained the team!)and sathya uncle (who again, sent sms' from kenya sayin go italy! and reminded me that kenya's always italy crazy)....Its been great watching the world cup with each of you guys! Thanks a million for making this fever work.... and thanks to Nik, tsb and anu who always kept the comments section of the blogs alive with football fever!! And ofcourse, Sukanya, for being as excited as me, and sincerely discussing each and every match we watched over the phone, during half time and after full time! You've been great company suk! :D

Its over.... and how much i've loved this past month, i cannot tell. Football's been in me since kenya... where it is like what cricket is to india. I grew up playing football, dirtying my white uniform with red sand, and watching it too... coming to chennai sort of stole that away from me... but i love espn for telecasting the worldcup this year... thats maybe the best thing thats ever going to happen to me this year! The month of june, and the first 9 days of july... magic. Football magic, azzurri magic. I'm going to miss it so terribly.... And its been so easy making conversation with anyone under the sun this one month! All one had to do was say 'hey did u watch yesterday's match....' blah, and the rest would follow! No more of that :( well... we all have to move on i guess! Heaven knows where i'll be and what i'll be doing when this happens again... but i'll watch it. South Africa calling!

The Azzurris worked their magic.... and i still remain charmed :D

Yours "ITALY WON THE FIFA WORLDCUP 2006 and it feels euphoric"ly
Signing off...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


UPDATE 6/7/06 - Happy birthday Caulagi!!!!! Have a great day man, and enjoy that tour! You're such a lucky bum... have a wonderful year to come! Good luck.

My college reopened today. After a whole month of vacation. And very strangely, i didn't blog about the 'holiday' feeling. Nonetheless, it felt so lousy to go back to college... but hell, not like i had a choice. But i guess it all got back normal today. We cracked up so royally in the lab and laughed so much, that i almost felt like i'd missed the feeling :) Feels like the past month just breezed past...with my parents here (which again, i did not mention). It was one of those rare times when we were all vetti...and at the same we made something worthwhile come out of the vettiness... and yesterday was a perfect example.

We were 8 of us, 3 so called 'children' and 5 proper 'adults' adanjufied (dumped/squeezed) in one room...the entertainment box switched on, with super loud volume. 8 pairs of eyes screwed up in concentration...and 3 noses sniffing and running, attributed to the recent attack of cold and cough...3 pairs of hands holding tissue paper, thanks to the 'running' noses! We were watching a tamil film. Something i call a classic, for there hasn't been another of its kind till entertaining and funny. The kind of 'funny' that can be understood by anyone, no matter the age (infants obviously not included ;-)). The movie - Michael madana kamarajan! What a movie... we all rolled with laughter in all the 'kaameshwaran' One of kamal hasaan's best entertainers. He plays a rich businessman, a palghat cook, a criminal and a fire saver... and how fate brings them all together is such a hilarious tale. One that can be watched over and over again, and can be laughed over, even when you know the dialogues word to word (which most of us did!). It was some of those i'd like to 'freeze'. We were 3 generations in that room... my grandparents, my parents and aunt, my cousins and i. Frozen moments.

Well... i guess thats it. Somehow, i don't want to write about the turn the worldcup's taken. Just that its made me...(well, yes, i love using the word) euphoric. Just got to wait and see...God be with them.

Yours "Only berlin stands between them and the fated cup"ly
Signing off....