Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Telomerase, Marry me? :)

Yes, you read right! I dont think i've been crazier about anything/anyone, ever! Not even Captain Jack Sparrow! Telomerase, had the unfair advantage of stepping into my life before captain Sparrow did, thus, this partiality! Well, I just hope I hold a long enough acquiantance with telomerase to make me happy anytime i think of it in the years to come ;-)

Am totally mad amn't I?

psst is this my shortest post?!

Yours "TTAGGG"ly
Signing off...

Friday, May 25, 2007


I need a break....

For how much longer is my room going to look like this?

For how much longer is my pin-up-board going to look like this? (well, i've been wanting to do something nice to it for ages, but it remains. Scattered pictures, keychains, writings, football... *sigh*) Nik and caulagi, i think you can see the keychains you gave me :) i just noticed!

Exams are such a bore... :( And we never stop complaining. I am currently addicted to Nila Kaigirathu on the pc, and still, only hope, on the player. I have started liking Siddharth more than i already used to, and i don't mind Genelia anymore. I'm waiting my brains off for pirates 3, and am hoping next weekend is going to be something i never forget. But ofcourse that'll depend on a number of happenings! In the past few days, my eyes look like they just got bigger, and my hair looks like it got longer. But one can never be sure when one is going to turn bald. The heat seems to be coming down, but you can never tell with Chennai. It looks like its going to rain every morning, but its just a delusion. The sun fights off all the clouds by 11am. You have such long waits in life sometimes, that you feel like ditching the thing you're waiting for all together, and just living the moment. But that doesn't ever happen. The things that make you happy become inaccessible almost everytime you need them, but surprises still happen. The gulmohar outside my window is quite beautiful. I've learnt how to tie a saree. The bus ride back home today was one of those floaty ones...when i'm half singing, half humming, fully smiling. I love it when kids wave to buses, but i've never gotten myself to wave back. Its happenign again - my mother's not around and i feel like cleaning each centimetre of dust in the house even though i'm supposed to be studying. Wonder why i never bother when she's here. I burnt my breakfast yesterday. I've got used to wearing my retainers, and eating with them on. Peacock feathers look nice on the wall.
4 down, 2 to go. And am already in the holiday mood.
Yours "wanting to be disconnected...from everything"ly
Signing off...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Only Hope

vidiyaadha iravenru edhuvumillai
mudiyaadha thuyaramenru edhuvumillai
vadiyaadha vellamenru ethuvumillai
vaadaadha vaazhkkaiyenru edhuvumillai


Translation, though it may not be as good as it is in tamil...

There's no night that doesn't break to dawn
There's no sorrow that doesn't end
There's no flood that doesn't drain
There's no life that doesn't fade

The title of this post has been stolen from the song i am currently addicted to. I think no other song has been played on my player for the past 15 days! Love it for the voice that seems drowned in the ocean of instruments...the violin, the piano, the guitar. And the feel...
Only Hope by Switchfoot.

Yours "vidiyaadha iravenru edhuvumillai"ly
signing off....

Thursday, May 10, 2007


My nights are becoming sleepless...
My days are becoming useless...
So i asked God... "is this love?"
God said...
"idiot, your semester exams are nearing!"

Its that time of the year... you get the same text msgs on your cell... but they always make you smile. You'd have read the same sms' before your exams the previous sem, hardly 4 months back, still, anything that jokes about your present situation, makes you smile! That, was one such!

From very keen analysis, I presented some very useful results to my fellow classmates, struggling and broken hearted! I told them all... that since our STUDY holidays began, the most commonly used word happens to be xerox, and the most commonly used phrase happens to be God save or Kadavul daan kapathanum! I don't think i need to to talk abt what response i got! :D Considering i spent 500 Rs on paying up pending xerox bills...and that reminds me that one of my classmates keeps saying "its not xerox, its photocopy! Xerox is just a company!!". But well, we all stick to xerox! So maybe the scope for English language within our circle is quite limited to very few words and phrases before, and during exams! Of course another very commonly used word now happens to be HEAT! And the same heat is blamed for anything and everything that goes worng... "I slept for 3 hours, damn the heat!", "I'm feeling so hungry/thirsty/bored/groggy/looney/, damn the heat!" *sigh*

You do weird things during study holidays. Example? I watched the ManU vs Chelsea EPL match, just because i heard ManU were going to lift the cup after the match. I didn't watch the whole match, but i watch the 2nd half. Just to see them lift that cup and see the smiles and the euphoria... but what happened? It was 2.30am, and the match got over, and 2nd half analysis started, and there was no cup. And when i said "you made me stay awake to see them lift it, where's the cup?", i was told "You got to watch a good match man!" LIKE HELL! Whoever was responsible for that...you definitely know you're being talked about :P I just felt like mentioning it!! :D I'll remember that incident for as long as i can!

There you go... boring sessions, trying-to-study sessions, lets-get-rid-of-boredom-by-thinking-up posts-for-the-blog sessions... a week more, before the adrenalin rush. So in our own style i say... God save!

And.. wish me luck please!

Last thing... Vinay, For you in blue, Happy birthday! For May 12th. Have a great day, and a lovely year ahead. Play loadsa football! And one more wish... Sandhya's mom... Happy birthday aunty! Hope you liked all the stuff your daughter made you, am sure she enjoyed doing it all without studying ;-) Ok sand, chill!

Yours "Need training on how to waste time?Contact ME!"ly
Signing off....

Friday, May 04, 2007

Brighter than Sunshine

UPDATE 7/5/07 - Happy birthday Sukanya, and Anupama!!!!!!!!!! :D Hope both of your have a great day :) And a wonderful year ahead.... Suk, may we have more football discussions, and other discussions :) Have a blast!

The few things in summer that i look forward to... We all hate the heat and the sweat... but there's a greener side :)

The yellow light that appears in our dining hall wall every morning at sunrise... :) Its been one big inspiration for my photography! And alot of time pass with my coffee/chocolate mug! And.. i love photos of shadows...

Flaming peepal trees. Well, its not so flaming in this picture, but they look alot redder than that! I like to call them 'tress on fire'! *lame* right! I could stare at them for eternity. And did you know the speciality of the peepal tree... Every leaf swings by itself in the wind... they don't swing as a branch. So the next time you see this tree, try and notice...if its all sunny, the tree looks like its glittering because each leaf is on its own.

The tendrils... :) I've been in this city for quite a few years, but i started to notice these tendrils only 2 years back. They're lovely...they come from trees you wouldn't give a second look any other month of the year. Nature... *sigh*

The view from our house balcony! The pink flowers :) Whose name i still don't know! Its famous among my relatives... they make it a point to visit us just to see the tree :)

More from the balcony! The May Flower tree... the Gulmohar. On fire...orange flame!

Aah... the yellow and green mix. They look better when sunlight is filtering through them, which means you'd have to look at them from right below the tree. And this particular place, oryza, by itself is a nice building. During summer, the tree adds to the beauty!

MANGOES! :) But there's been a conspiracy this year! They're not tasting good :( Damn the export market!

Yelaneer. Tender coconut water. And the tender coconut too! And i love the way they use the 'aruvaal' to cut it open. Some skill! I'm always half scared they're going to chop their hands... i like it even better when the yelaneer splashes onto your face when they're cutting it! Yayy!

Watermelon :) Yumm.

I hate the heat :( But its better than floods. Anyway, These...are things other than sunshine that brighten up summer days :) Thus, i welcome summer, gracefully. And i hate my colllege and the uni for making us write exams in baking summer! And worse, studying for them! argh! Which reminds me, i have study holssss!
PS : Suk, we could always continue the comments on the prev post. I'm loving them! :)
Yours "there are some cool things about summer"ly
Signing off...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Presence and Omnipresence

Its funny how you're quite comfortable with your life until you realise what you've been missing for a long time...when the memory of how it felt to have it all stares you in the face teasingly...and how even stranger it feels when you realise that the memory didn't visit you through the years and decided to just now. And then you think of all the people because of whom you didn't realise what you were missing...or you wonder why it took you so long to fathom the depth of some small things that are always taken for granted... and you don't know whether to be thankful or reproachful. Maybe its all about time... maybe its all about the level of understanding...its all about how much things can change in a few months.

We had a family reunion. Now you could go ahead and think its a whole big family of 124 members who came from all over the universe. :) Nope... just 4 of us. My immediate family. My father, my mother and my brother. And the past month...has been a festival at home. That should explain the first paragraph that you'd have given your raised eyebrows to a while back! :) But hell... sometimes you have such big realisations, revelations that they could choke you to tears.

Thus...i dedicate this post to 4 people. First... to the best man in my world - my father ( all those of you who were expecting johnny depp there, too bad!;-)). I don't know why sometimes things hit you harder...its taken me 7 years to realise the love, the concern and the protection i've been missing, with that tinge of hidden pride he has for his kids :) Next ofcourse to the best woman i know - my mother. Lets not even start on how much importance she holds in the life we run here... her absence sometimes is very dearly felt. And then... to the second best man in my world - My brother. For a million things i cant even list out...even for that expression on his face when am giving him a head massage! God bless :)
Now the 4th... its to all those people who've been there when neither of the above were there...even though they are in a way, omnipresent... there's nothing like presence :) So the list would have to start with my grandparents...and then all those friends...who i spent hours on the phone and online with, laughing, gossiping, holding small talk with...

There was once when my mother told me when we were chatting online that her kids are always with her...that every morning when she's praying, she calls us by our names and makes us sit with her infront of God.... and her kids have such small palms...they're so tiny...her daughter is dressed in a frock...and they all sit, and pray together. I dont think anything she ever said before that in the 20 years of my life ever affected me so much. I guess those are our Godly parents...

Whacky stuff to wrap it off... i think Neo sports has some illegal connection with the football club Manchester city. Whenever i watch the channel, they have a Man.City match in which it wins! That to against liverpool and ManU! How unfair is that? ;-)

Yours "Kanden, Seethaiyai"ly
Signing off....