Sunday, November 26, 2006

N'-5'-Phosphoribosyl formimino-5-amino imidazole-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide isomerase!!!!

UPDATE : 2/12/06 --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHRUTI!!! :D Have a rocking day! And may the coming year bring us more singing sessions (rather, killing the songs sessions!), craziness sessions, HP discussions, Depp oggling sessions and the likes ;-) And obviously, more 'lets land up at divya's house' sessions :D :D And am awaiting my 'special' treat! Told u i love the special treatment! hehe... anyway, have a nice day man. God bless.

Exam time... i need to have a post related to them! But am definitely not talking about the only paper i've written...

I loved some of the sms fwds that came in recently...exam fwds! here's a sample.

Half the portion is not covered.
Half the covered portion is not properly taught.
Half the properly taught portions you wont learn.
Half of what you learn, you don't understand.
Half of what you understand, you won't remember.
Half of what you remember wont be asked.
Half of what is asked, you won't be able to answer.
And Half of what you write will get half the marks!
So why learn and waste time?

Well... learn and waste time to get atleast those half marks! I don't know how relevant it is to people across the globe, but it definitely holds good to a certain extent for us anna uni students!

At the end of the exam paper...
I hereby declare that the answers written above are true to the best of my friend's knowledge and belief. I claim no responsibilty of the correctness of answers. All the answers I've written are fictitious and are related to no real subject matter. Its just written for enjoyment (!!!no!). Any resemblance with the correct answer is purely coincidental!

Well... nice time pass!

And thanks to shruti for those 2 messages right before my first exam! ;-)

Another one that i really laughed at!

Go switch on sun news immediately. Exam has been postponed due to floods!
(i was like ehh?) *scroll down*
First anniversary for this message!

Ok it might have been pretty yawny! But i was getting too groggy with biochem, not to mention sleepy and saturated. Everything started moving tangential to the head... and maybe my glucose/carbohydrate/energy/ATP levels aren't high enough for quick activity and productive grasping! Or my ion channel pumps arent working quick enough(maybe they want me to sleep too?)... There, i really have been into bioechem havent I ;-) And there i go blabbering yet again... *sigh* After effects for studying from immovably fat books for 3 days :( And its just the beginning... Am so waiting for dec 12th! AAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh cant they just get over!

PS: The title of this post is actually an enzyme used in synthesis of the amino acid Histidine! I happily skipped it just cuz the names were too long! :D Pl pray it doesn't come! please!

PPS: Nov 26th - Happy birthday Charenya!!!! VMites - Our class charenya! Another doc in the making!

Yours "what a contrast to the prev post" ly
Signing off....

Monday, November 20, 2006


Nothing interesting to update :( But there's something all the same.

Wishes... to my cousin, Who lived with me for 4 good years, and is now having one hell of a time in the USA sleeping at 5 in the morning and all... i think i'll call him 'sleepless in Raleigh'... To Karthik - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! for the 21st of nov. Hope you have a great great day, and a lovely, less hectic, wonderful year to come! God bless.

Thinking about him makes me remember some very desperate situations in my life, for which he did the calling of the desperate measures... its like... sometimes you wonder what the hell you would have done if a few people weren't with you in life. He's one such person... always been around when one needed help. And great company when you want to have a fun conversation! I can just recall my dog bite...and how he took me staright to the doc inspite of having an exam the next day! I still remember telling him " Hey i got bitten by a dog da!" And he was studying... and he looked up and said "Yenna di solra!!" and thus started quite a tension filled, painful day! And then there were the floods...i remember the way he held my hand and dragged me to the end of my street through waist deep water wearing a helmet on his head, looking like an astronaut (though astronauts never dress in beckham jerseys and shorts!)... i would have never reached college for my exam if it werent for him! And the exam promptly got cancelled... heavens! Why talk only about the desperate situations? We had great fun too... i made him cut a slice of chocolate cake in the terrace once on his birthday... so that we could watch the sunset together! (well, it was more me dragging him to watch it then him enjoying it.. but he definitely enjoyed the cake!)...and the million and one times we stayed up late talking about some idiotic topic (which would invariably be my idea) like what is death! How does it feel to die! or about how people are when they get into relationships! or just GOSSIP. And in the process of the talking, i'd make sure he doesn't go to bed at his usual time which was around 10-10.30! He sleeps at 5.00am nowadays! Sheesh!

Anyway... when i started typing this post, i thought i was going to stop after the wish... but something changed somewhere...and i just typed on. Maybe it because i'm missing all the fun, and his presence at home...especially during exam time when i'd crib endlessly to him about how i havent studied anything! And the cribbing would change into a discussion session about something else and i'd forget that i hadn't studied! Or the opposite... he'll just walk in and say 'yenna di padikave illai nee, indha sem gone aah pinne?" and i'll get all hyper! And ofcourse all the times i'd get CRAZY at night, and open his eyes when he was sleeping...somehow, he'd never get angry or anything... he'd just smile, and sometimes even wake up to keep me company. Well, sitting at the pc always reminds me of my bro and my cousins... because we've had this 'court sharing' concept with the chair! If we want to do something together on the pc, we'd share the chair! One gets to place half a butt on it! And i'd either sit and read orkut profiles from his account with him, or see the photos of the girls he wants me to see ;-) And keep teasing him with anyone and everyone! Sigh... i could go on and on and on... and there's no use. When we start talking about people, we just can't ever stop...people just walk in and walk out of our lives...but they sometimes make such an impact, leave behind such clear imprints that we end up thinking about them very often... what they would have said, how they would have reacted, what they would have done... and this post, has been long pending. I'm glad i got down to writing it today, unexpectedly.

So thats it... i was actually planning to write about new toothbrushes and how you feel like brushing your teeth often when you get one! And i was also supposed to announce to the world that my braces are coming off in 2 months! :D suddenly, neither seem so significant... the 1st anyway was never ever significant!

So to karthik, big bro... many more happy returns. And wish you well... for life... :)

PS: The name of my football will be announced later. Enjoy the wait ;-)


Yours "Looking back"ly
Signing off.....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

What's in a name? Definitely something!

My name is divya. It means Divine. :D I don't know from where parents get such apt names! ;-) Ok, i'll stop. I have this thing with naming my belongings... my scooty is called Basanti reloaded (reloaded cuz the old dabba one was called basanti)...and it was named by 2 of my schoomates, nitya and nidhee. Those were the days... *sigh*! We named nitya's spirit ramdayal and nidhee's kinetic dheendhayal! And anu's cycle seetharaman. And at that time, nilesh decided to name his bike fatang mclaren, but changed it to something else after that! Crazy huh? And that too the name basanti was in some weird way is connected to sholay! I think thats what the heroine was called. oh God, let me save you guys the confusion. Dear loyal readers, i need help.

I need a name for my dear football! And where better to get suggestions? :D Anything is welcome.. and if you have a reason to justify your name, better :D I remember in the movie 'cast away' Tom hanks, names his volley(?) ball wilson or something! So English names, south indian names, any type accepted! More than one name is extend your help in this extremely important issue in my life... i have so far christened all my soft toys, none of which i have bought (my fave being ginger!), the pencil pouch i used to use in school (Toni, which had a twin, meaning someone else had the same pouch!)...we once had a naming ceremony for one of the soft toys that was gifted to a friend! And we made a document and signed it! It still exists...he was called Gonguna alias mussi by the way!Anyway. let me not continue. Just give me some names!

I have had one so far... Mr.B, one of my friends suggested. But i didn't like it too much. Besides, it'd be like stealing tsb's name! So any names other than mr.B are welcome! Oh wait... i have had a few more suggestions just now... azzurificated, pirlos, italios,(which is all btw because i supported Italy in the worldcup, and always have!) which i am not shunning! So pl, feel free to add to the list!

PS: The picture shows my football in a very dirty condition after today's rooftop game ;-)

Thankyou for your time.

yours "Whats in a name?"ly
Signing off....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Few Hours' Musings

There are some phases in life that can be extremely frustrating. Phases where you question alot of things knowing very well that the answers will remain in hiding for a very long time...but that doesn't really stop you from asking. You're asking yourself after no big consequence to anyone at all. Except that living in doubt can cross the 'mystery in life' quotient sometimes and begin to eat into your head...

Ok please ignore me. I am having study holidays, and any person who has been reading this blog from day 1 would know what my posts are like during this period! They get crazier. Out of the fact that you are given holidays to study, but end up with some futile attempts, and finally arrive at the 'atleast i tried' phrase. The idea of giving one such long study holidays i believe is to make one study out of guilt of having wasted a good many days. You waste, you regret, the tension builds,you study. Not too bad a system eh? You do end up studying after all! Not so easy actually...

I just opened my books again after a 9 hour break ;-) Yes you read that right, 9 hour. Don't ask me for how long i studied before that! Anyway, after a good nine hours (in which i did alot of things from attending paatu class (music class), to watching 'sleepless in seattle') i opened my book again, and that led to alot of thinking that had nothing to do with genetic engineering. I thought about my paatu class... and about how its taken me so many years to appreciate the beauty of carnatic music. I silently thanked my mother for forcing me to attend my classes when i hated them. I've been learning since i was around 9 years old! And then there was some discontinuing in the middle...and then got back...and somehow today, i did something i've never done before. I asked my teacher to sing me a song. The one she started teaching me, one of my mother's favourites (so, i'm learning it for her!)...i wanted her to sing the whole song. And when she did, i almost cried...there are some voices you want the whole world to hear and be proud of, but when you realise it may not happen after all, you feel blessed to have heard it yourself. One such voice belongs to my teacher, a great woman. I'm not saying this out of sheer admiration for her voice, but the no.of things she has had to face in life. And so the Yamuna Kalyani came out as an ocean of melody, with so much feeling, so much life and love for music, such lightness, completeness, perfection, so much devotion that if Lord Krishna was listening, he'd have cried too. God bless her.

Then there's "sleepless in Seattle". A movie whose trailer i just happened to see... and decided to watch the movie after seeing a Tom Hanks - Meg Ryan combo on screen. I can never forget 'you've got mail'. I know some of you must be snorting at the so typically girly choice of movies...but hell, they're feel good, and i like them. "Sleepless..." was one of those movies that just carries you away and makes you believe anything possible, because of the way it seems very natural, with normal people, normal lives. But once the movie's done, you feel like you're snapping out of a dream...there's going to be no magic, no meeting on top of empire state builiding, no tom hanks!! If am lucky enough, maybe the guy of my mom's choice will look smart, wear glasses and be sensible enough ;-) So get on with life and tend to your books! First things first...

But no, instead of studying, i type out this post. With the song my teacher sang ringing into my ears in Bombay Jaishree's voice. With flashes of Meg Ryan's lovely eyes and Tom Hanks' casual manner running through my mind...and the questions flood back. Question your purpose in life, question your reason for existense, question the future, question some things you're sure you do not want answers for because it'll definitely make things worse, question your own life, and the things it stands for today. There may be answers. But you prefer to keep them with yourself... as i've heard "Knowing is the easy part.Saying it out loud, is the hard part" There's another phrase...

There are 2 great days in our lives. One in which we were born, and the other, when we come to know why. - William Barclay

We are born for different reasons. There are days when i think i was born to be the sole admirer of every sunset that the earth gives me...and there are other days when i think i was born to eat! And there are days when i think i was born for some other things... The purpose of this life may be discovered a little late, but will be discovered all the same... and there's always time. Time'll take care of it all... :) Thats the hope we live in. Hope can be the best, and the worst.

And so i pray...when i'm at a loss of words even to pray, there's a song i love...its called praarthnaa. By Euphoria. And Palash sen's voice spells the words out...i don't know how many times this song has brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad i did not count. Thank Heaven's for lyrics! A few lines...

Dil kisika dhukhakar khushi chahoon na
sirf apne liye zindagi chahoon na
haan tujse mein chahoon yahin, kya hai ghalath kya sahi, bhooloon na...
hai yahi praarthna...

Gham ke baadal jo chaaye, ghabraoon na...
aarzoon ke ho saaye, dar jaaoon na..
tujko ho vishwas mujpe, aur isse zyada me tujse chahoon na
hai yahi praarthna...

On that note...

Yours "Musings in madras"ly
Signing off...

Monday, November 06, 2006

A rarity from my pencil

The 6th of november... :D Sandhya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day! Actually you will... considering you're going to be spending the better part of it with me ;-) he he. Anyway, looking forward to another year of drunken laughter, sidey comments, and utter craziness... n that'll happen even more naturally, now that exams are around the corner! So...have a blast! and stay sane atleast today ;-)

i sketched johnny for sandhya... and i loved it!! :D And hope she did too.... Parting with the sketch was so :(. But i never drew it for keeps, so tata deppy. I trust you have been handed over to someone who is as crazy about you, and will definitely take care of you better ;-)

I really dont know what to post about... this should do for now. Study hols, yet again!!!! *sigh*

Yours "sketching suddenly seems worthwhile"ly
signing off.....