Tuesday, August 22, 2006

"Veiled", Unveiled...

This is a special post, because it contains a special piece :) i wrote something on paper after a very long time... And i just thought i'd put it up as my blog is anyway suffering from lack of proper posts...

Before that... My cousins, who were in town for the past 2 months are leaving in a few hours... getting back to their routines...getting pulled back by duty. Its been such a lovely phase in my life...so much... i don't know... just felt so complete! Not a single idle moment...nothing really worrying... just something new to do everyday, and so much fun...so much colour... so much laughing and horsing around and doing alot of nothings but being so glad about it! Its this wierd 'sisterly' feeling! That i haven't really experienced before...i know it sounds so cheesy.. but hell, what are blogs for! So... Sanjana, and sandhya... Farewell! And just to suit the mood thats been floating at home for the past week cuz of the Kabhi alvida na kehna songs.... ALVIDA! Love you guys...And waiting for next year july! :D

This post... maybe just a series of questions to some of you, may mean more to others... may be loads of 'can you?'s to a few, and 'will you?'s to others...read it the way you want it.

I don't believe in the existence or non-existence of ability,
But in the willingness to do, or not to do something.
--an admirable killer line from... a friend.


Can you take a moment, complete with ethereal happiness, and make it a lifetime's solace?
Can you accustom yourself to echoes and shadows, and places overflowing with emptiness and accept them for company, comfort?
Can you dwell in pretences, and trust in illusions, and be satisfied with lies that make you laugh?
Can you let the ship of life by stirred by the gales of time, and move effortlessly in that direction?
Can you live through a plethora of failures, and live to face the next improbability of success, still to name it 'experience'?
Can you grace undying punishment in your heart to fulfil sweet vengeance?
Can you stare at atrocity in the eye, and walk past unmoved, for the love of your own soul?
Can you smile through helplessness, and stand like a fortress, when the world within you crumbles?
Can you preach to others, what you don't believe in, just to see a hint of a smile?
Can you fill the unforgiving minute with a lifetime's worth memory, and hold it in your fist till the end of this odyssey?
Can you relinquish your pride in the face of simplicity, and lose it forever, in tender benevolence?
Can you kill the expectation in you, and distance it from your blessed being, so that you hardly ever experience insatiability, disappointment, pain...?
Can you mutter a world of hope in a silent prayer, and patiently await fate's judgement, the call of God?
Can you bear to see your dream shattered...but pick up its pieces and build a bigger one with resigned involvment?
Can you refuse to accept the death of a bond, and live on in belief of its revival one fine day?
Can you give, unconditionally...with no returns, no regrets, no complaints...only overwhelming joy, only eternal love?
Will you allow the breeze to carry your burden away...
Will you smile at the rainbow after the storm...
Will you appreciate blue skies when in pain...
Will you find melody where there is no music
Music where there's no harmony,
Harmonywhere there's no rhythm,
Rhythm where there's no symphony,
Symphony where there's no ode,
Ode where there's no joy,
Joy where there's no hope,
Hope where there's no pain,
Pain where there's no reason,
Reason where there's no heart,
Heart where there's no... Life?

Yours "unveiling some questions that have veiled answers"ly
Signing off...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Philo mood

Here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root
and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;
which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart,

i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

--- e e Cummings

I just like those lines...actually, i like the way they're written, or the way they sound when they're spoken. Very different. Unique maybe. But very simple, and very understandable unlike many other pieces...I First heard them in the movie "In her shoes".... Its actually a poem... and what you just read above is not the whole poem... its just the part i like :D Well... i guess i just wanted to put it up... loved esp the line that says - " which grows higher than the soul can hope, or the mind can hide"... Nice comparisons. The mind is like this bottomless pit where you can hide anything and everything...even if one knows where to look for something, they wont find it there, till the holder of the key opens it for them...and reveals... And the soul hopes as much as it can...hopes for hope. Hopes even when there's no hope. Hopes against hope.

Well... i guess you just get philosophical me on this post :D Kind of a contrast from my crazy jack sparrow post... yikes, CAPTAIN jack sparrow i mean!

Yours "philo div can be boring, but its just a part of her"ly
Signing off...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, Savvy? ;-)

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead man's chest.What on earth were the reviews complaining about? This movie, is one hell of a roller coaster ride, and i loved every bit of it, and screamed at the end...screamed because of the element of suspense, and that craving to watch the next movie that very moment and have every vein in my body overflow with the drunken pirate-ness! What a sequel, what a perfect bridge, what action, what special effects, what humour... what a flick! One of those made solely for the purpose of entertainment :)

Maybe i liked the movie because i was determined to like it from the very beginning... but really, i cant agree with any review that called it sub-standard. A woman on tv said it was a 2.5 hour promo to the 3rd movie, and that it was a drag with no proper story and didn't have enough of Johnny depp (My take on that, is that you just cant ever have enough of depp!). The guy who was on the show with her gave her one straight look and said "did you really understand the movie? cuz i loved it!" Yaay! I go with the guy! I dont think i need to talk abt the perfomances...they were just wow... and the music as usual! But i think some scenes have been shot beautifully in this movie! Better than the first one... Well, if you're looking for a movie that'll make you scream, whistle, jump in your seat and laugh like hell, this is definitely the one! 3 cheers to Gore Verbinski! Mr.director.... and obv to Mr.Depp!!! ;-)

I hate it when movies end with such climaxes that do nothing but pave way to the next movie, and make the audience wait forever! Argh.... but we will obv wait! And the wait shall definitely be worth it! So as Sudhish Kamath said in "The Hindu" - Gore,Bring Jack back, soon! We want Pirates of the Caribbean - At world's end! And SOON!

Johnny is such a good actor...damn! I've never ever been crazy abt an actor... he's the only one! Bless him! Depp, we're waiting for shantaram too :D

UPDATE 7/8/06 - Happy birthday Nikhil!!!! Mr.Leo... Hope u have a great day! And hope u give us one of those treats again ;-) Pizza hut, is never to be forgotten man! Maybe we should tell all your classmates who got just orange juice for a treat what a gracious host you played, once upon a time ;-) LOL! Have a blast!

Yours "Dont miss this for anything, i love Depp"ly
Signing offfff.....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Now" is the word...

What happens when your home is like a venue for a fun party everyday, and you're having one hell of a time? Well, you dont have time to update. :D But, thats not a bad thing. Because such times don't occur too often in one's life! Well, to give everyone a clearer picture.... A whole lot of relatives have come down to stay at our humble abode from different parts of the world, and its one big carnival! There's something to do everyday, something different. And....it keeps you totally occupied! Which i believe is a very very good thing....:D But when you think of the unfortunate fact that such moments are shortlived, and that in a few days, the walls of the house will echo with their voices, and the floors will depict shadows without the people who are the source...and they'll stand infront of you in each part of the house, saying something they've already said, or doing something that made you laugh like you're mad....and that feels disheartening. And i don't want myself in a disheartened state when the fun's still on, so i refuse to think of it! Which brings me back to one line that i read a few years back, and have loved ever since.... "cross the bridge when you get to it".

So, i dedicate this post to everyone at home right now.... Amma, thatha, paati, chitti, chitappa, Karthik, Mama, aunty, sanjana and sandhya...and visu who'll be here shortly! Thanks for making the past month so coulourful! Looking forward to the remaning few days...
And to Kar, whoz leaving for the U.S on friday, Good luck in ALL your future 'experiments' ;-) You're definitely going to be missed.

Well... this post is turning out to be something i rather didn't expect... But thats not anything new! Now to some lighter things.... am going to watch pirates on saturday!!!!!!!! YAAAAY!!!!!!!! cant wait.... :D :D And there's this other line i remembered recently... it sort of came to me at a particular situation, and i was quite amused at myself...
"If fate doesn't make you laugh, you just don't get the joke!" --Shantaram

One last thing.... Happy Birthday to Padmaja!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (2nd aug)

Yours "Make the best of the moment"ly
Signing off......