Monday, March 31, 2008

Drenched, in something more than rain...

She left the house at the first sound of rain drops hitting the ground. She left the conversation that the other members of the household were so engrossed in. It wasn't quite there yet, the intensity of the rain. She strolled around the area open to sky... a male voice singing into her ears...kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya, hua kya...she smiled, looking around at the place that had been her solace more than often...the view of the tops of buildings, the road beneath, the people walking...people who would never know they were being watched by a pair of eyes above them. It took her a moment to absorb the beauty of the she was carefully sorting the trees into different shades of she wouldn't be able to see anything quite like this anywhere else, maybe because she really didn't want to. She walked, wondering why she felt like the rain drops were purposely evading her...she stood still, and then it some force she couldn't fathom had heard unsaid words from her, and played to her wishes. The drops fell quicker, were more in number, and now fell directly on her head...dampening her hair...imprisoning it...not allowing the wind to dance with the long strands of black-brown. But she didn't seem to care...she welcomed every drop like it held purity undefinable. She spread her arms wide, and looked up at the sky, allowing her face to dwell in the chill...and she heard the words...Barf se Khelte baadalon ka, shauk hai... In a trance, she glided away into a partially sheltered watching the rain...Neend ki goliyon ka, khwaab ki loriyon ka...her watch told her the time was 1.45, through a drop that magnified the time for her...she was leaning on a pillar...watching the trees sway...the grey clouds shower their drops on some other part of the city...she did not want to be left behind by the rain...did not want to remain there until the rain stopped. She started walking towards the exit...smiling involuntarily... Jisse tum ghunghunaaye, mere dhun hai vahin...somehow, it seemed to dawn upon her that there would come a time when she wouldn't be able to walk into this place whenever she wanted...she wouldn't be able to have her mid-day reveries...smiling for no reason at all...realising the irony of lyrics...She wasn't going to let the thought steal the goodness of the moment. She pushed her wet hair back from her forehead, made her wet face even wetter by wiping it on her sleeve, and walked away....from the rain, from the surrender she felt a few minutes ago, carrying in her heart the bliss she felt from the moment the first rain drop hit her eye...she walked down the green staircase. The door was half open, just the way she had left it. The same conversation was continuing inside the house, with very minor changes. And here was a world that remained untouched by the mid-day rain...where nothing changed...for all she knew, her absence wasn't even noticed. All she knew was, it didn't matter...something was changed inside her, and she had a pretty good feeling it was going to last for a very long time...Pyaar tumhe kithna karthe hain, tum yeh samaj nahi paaoge...

I didn't always like getting wet in the rain. Things change.

Yours "drenched, in something more than rain..." ly
Signing off...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tagged - A-Z!

Tagged by Sementi. Thanks for making me update :)

On messenger? Yep, never invisible :P
B-Best friend(s):
-:) We all have our own definitions :)and friends!
C-Cake or Pie:
-Cake!! Chocolate cake :) Trouffle!
D-Drink of choice:
- Lemon Iced Tea :) hot sweet tea. Occasionally,coffee. And, apple juice! at 12.00am!
E-Essential thing used every day:
-Too many to list
F-Favorite color:
-Green. In all its shades of nature :)Black. Copper sulphate/chloride blue.
G-Gummy bears or worms:
-Gummy bears...dancinng here and there and everywhere! Anyone watched the cartoon? :D
-Namba singara chennai! With the irritating traffic diversions. With boat club road. With the amazing feeling of being at home!
-football. craziness to a level you wouldn't believe. Dancing with the air ;)
J-January or February?
-January :) Birthday month :) And also, the beginnign of a new year and all :P
K-Kids and names?
-No kids yet. Have some prospective names though :D
L-Life is incomplete without (would like to add, presently incomplete without):
-Small talk with Thatha paati (which i'm afraid wont be possible after a while!)
Chatting with mom when she's not here, acting kiddish or fighting with her if she's around. Listening to her stories about appa :)
Music (I've realised i cant do anything non-study without it! Need music when i'm eating, browsing, cooking, everything!)
M-Marriage date:
-Hoping i'll have one someday :P
N-Number of siblings
-One, technically.
O-Oranges or apples:
-Apples. Crisp, with a blend of sweet and sour :)
-Dogs (more a dis-liking than a phobia), lizards (eeks!).
-Cross the bridge when you get to it. (addiitonally, don't start hoping you don't see the bridge at all :D though thats what i do!)
R-Reason to smile:
-There's a list here and there's the next - no reason at all :)
-We don't really have seasons here. But i do think i'd very much like to treat my eyes to the reds and browns of autumn :) And, snow, is yet to be seen! In chennai though, the light drizzle times are the best. The floods are the worst!
T-Tag two people:
Sukanya (you'll have nothing to do after exams!)
Vinod (high time you updated your blog!)
U-Unknown fact about me:
-My wisdom teeth are currently growing out of my gums :P *div the wise*
Jokes apart, Someday, i want to work for a social cause.
V-Vegetable(s) you do not like:
Brinjal - I think this is on many many lists! poor thing!
Senakazhangu (because its a pain to make it!), don't ask me english translation!
Paavakka (bitter gourd) - Obviously, too bitter.
W-Worst habit:
Succumbing to the temptation of eating in the middle of the night!
And if you ask my mother, she would say, sleeping late and killing my immune system!
X-rays you have had:
Tooth xray :D Before i got my braces :D Nothing great :P Except they found out that some tooth of mine had been stuck in my gums for years and had to be pulled out!
Y-Your favourite food:
Come on, don't make me narrow it down! I love good vegetarian food! Ranging from thaalicha thair sadam with aplam, to pizza with baby corn and olives :D
Not one :) Cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. The prudent meet the creative :)

Yours "me, a-z"ly
Signing off...

Monday, March 10, 2008

*Honk* *Honk*

Of all the things that happen everyday, and don't happen, i chose to write about this, because i don't think I've ever come back home from anywhere so angry, with some sort of undying rage, ever! I have never banged the door of the lift before, or banged my fist against the car park wall, almost cracking a knuckle, or given a traffic policeman my best shot at a disgusted look despite not having my license! Well, if you don't live in Chennai, this post wouldn't make any sense at all. The NEW traffic diversions (Read : Converting every road possible into a one-way) are a waste of time, petrol, patience, and make you want to run down every person u see wearing a white shirt and khaki trousers, throwing out hand signals! Even though they're just doing their jobs, obeying somebody else's orders. And WHY would they want to make changes to some part of the city that's not suffering from this problem half as much other parts! Maybe just for fun! Or maybe because it seems like a good idea to plant "no entry", "no left turn", and "no right turn" boards all over the place! Maybe too many of those boards were rusting and had to be used urgently! Maybe the barricades were rusting too, and needed to be thrusted exactly where people like me take turns! And there we waited on the road, under the sun, Guinea pigs to their trial-and-error methods to alleviate traffic congestion, people who spent over 2 hours inside a helmet, and ended up coming back home in the worst of moods, the kind that even hot sweet tea and good music could do nothing to help!

To the people out there who are busy charting these CHANGES out on paper, considering themselves the masterminds of this destructively disorganised plan that i sincerely hope fails, and fails big, so that things can go back to how they were, a few words for you:

-->Making every road, every street a one-way DOES NOT help bigger causes! It only makes us go in circles, and see the world before we reach home! Which i can tell you, is one of the worst things when one's stomach's already growling in hunger!
-->The congestion has only become WORSE. Actually, there was no congestion before! Where one would previously take hardly 5 minutes to ride across a road, one now takes a good 20 minutes! Or even more.
-->Give the traffic policemen a break. Its YOU who should be getting the disgusted looks and the million questions from the people who ACTUALLY use those roads everyday!
-->The next time you want to do something like this, just DON'T DO IT! :D
-->You have successfully proved that you have the ability to make our lives miserable. Get over yourselves and open your eyes to this unruly mess that you've landed us innocent citizens into!
--> Lastly, if the rusting boards are the problem, sir, with no attempts to sound proud, my project currently deals with metal resistant bacteria. I could get them to eat your metal up :D :D as long as YOU own up, and tell this city what the problem is!

Hell, am i the only person who has a problem with this? Is it all just abt RESISTING CHANGE? *wonders*

But, this still sucks.

I was thinking how it would be if a whole gang of people went on strike and rode bikes the opposite way on a one-way :D *Evil Grin* Maybe i should organise it?

Yours "resisting change"ly...
Signing off...