Saturday, November 26, 2005 life.

Another exam postponed. And this time, it'll be between 19th n 23rd dec. Beat that...rains are bad. Well... this just means that the trip i was s'posed to make to kenya around the same time is not likely to happen...damn. I was looking forward to it. WHY!! For people who do not know... i stay in chennai with my grandparents and my cousin. My mom shuttles between Kenya (where my dad works and stays) and good ol chennai. My brother's studying in australia. So... i was
s'posed to spend some time with my parents in kenya, where i began my schooling... i stayed there for abt 11 years. And its one place that is very very different from chennai in every Goddamn aspect. But i like both places equally... I've been in chennai for the past 5 years... i must say its taught me alot. To start with, chennai gives the freedom i couldn't have experienced where i stayed with your grand-parents alone ( i mean, without your parents being around) is a different experience altogether. Has its own pros n cons...You really don't know what the hell they expect from you. Sometimes, i feel like i'm s'posed to play my mother's role in the family when shez not around here. And that has made me realise how much she does... n how much her presence means to people around her. Beginning of a life long

U know its funny how we do a few things in the absence of a few people...and we'd never bother to do it if they are around...Let me explain. My mother likes the house clean (as all mothers do i expect)... she'll keep tidying our living room, arranging newspapers, changing the water in the flower vase, making sure the 'divaan' sheet is in place, and screaming at me if i leave something out of place... and I wud never bother. I'd claim to have other work to do... will have any excuse to not tidy up. But, the part of the year when shez not here, i do her work religiously... just cuz she would like the house to be that way. I keep my study table clean cuz she usually insists on it...I don't even know why...Everytime i eat, i remember not to make any noises, loud or not, cuz my dad doesn't like it. But hell, my dad's not here! I see him once a year or less often! I still make sure i stick to it...Its really funny...Sometimes, i even iron my already-pressed clothes, cuz my brother believes that properly pressed clothes are very very important... i used to make fun of how much time he spent every morning pressing his clothes.I use the word 'spent' now... used to use 'wasted' before! Wierd things in life huh?

And living with old people... or people 2 generations ahead of the absence of the generation that's s'posed to fit in the middle... is something i think everyone should do at some point in life, even though it gets very frustrating at times. All the cuddling and the spoiling and pampering is when you meet them rarely... You know people say that grandparents and grandchildren have a common enemy...? Maybe its not so true... because the enemy is someone
who is 'needed'. Without who the generation gap's problems just become as prominent and clear as a black spot in the centre of a plain white sheet. Atleast i feel like am in a generation lost in space... But more than that... u don't know who needs to take care of who. My parents have left me under the care of my grandparents...and yes, they do take care of me alot. But its so mutual...sometimes i feel like i'm the one taking care of them more! They can be so obstinate, throw tantrums, put on long faces when they cant get their work done, and obv need the younger people to do all the 'buying' work...all the addition to what is done inside the house. And they expect you to handle it... I'm definitely not complaining... because i believe that what's going on, is sort of wrong, and very unfair to my grandparents. Its like they
haven't had enough of bringing up their own kids... and now they've got more responsibility. Its their turn to dwell in the silent hills of their childhood...and enjoy time's olden memories that are good and sweet. But can't explain something of this sort to helpless parents... who know what they're doing is not the best thing in the world, but really can't help it.
And that leaves all of us here helpless... which has made me come to the conclusion that helplessness is one of the worst feelings in the world. life moves on...and we've accepted things the way they are...we share bliss in small things... i love sitting on the kitchen slabs while my grndmom's cooking and hold small talk with her (invariably she'll be talking abt her family, and my mom as a kid)...and i really don't mind chauffering (on my bike) my grand-dad to the temple anymore...and i make sure my grandmom does the least work possible, cuz shez not even s'posed to be doing anything if you look at it
from a 'what's fair' point of view...and now, i think my grandmom's the sweetest person in the world... and i think my grand-dad's one person whoz learnt alot from life, and that he wants to impart his worldly knowledge to his children's children, which is not a bad thing at all. And the kind of smile that comes on to your face with those slight tears in your eyes which do not trace their way down your cheeks, when your grandmom's telling your parents how proud she is of
you and how happy she is... is something to die for. And i mean it.

Am not going to apologise for boring u...kinda do that in almost all my posts.
This post was straight from the heart...and something i never thought i'd ever
post about. And after all... its my blog...

Signing off....

Thursday, November 24, 2005


My Math exam got postponed... wow wow... i really didn't ask for it. Actually, i wanted to be done with it... get rid of the damn thing. But NO....somebody else thought otherwise. Its been postponed to 17th dec! Beat that....damn! So, this has left me in a very irritated and vetti/jobless state! thankful for this blog. Love u blogger!

Now.... baggy tagged me. So... i wud like to honour that tag cuz it wasn't the types that said ' u have been tagged by the blue dog or the red elephant and if u dont send this to 1 billion people, u'll have a screwed up life / love-life...' ;-)

Seven things i plan to do

a)Learn driving
b)Pass these exams decently...
c)Buy my dad a birthday gift that he'll like (u know how difficult that is?)
d)Spend one day doing noting but watching movies back to back
e)Develop what people call 'soft skills'( my friends made me realise i actually have some!) i.e Practice singing and make my music classes worthwhile, write more poetry... and sketch Legolas, Aragorn, n captain Jack sparrow (depp) PROPERLY (the last time i sketched legolas, the only resemblence was the pointed ear....*sigh*)
f) Tell my dentist to check up the meaning of the word PAIN in the dictionary
g)Start charging people for pep talks...!!! or become a part-time counsellor! ;)

Seven things i can do

a)Remember birthdays
b) Makes Dosas!!!!! and chappatis...and pasta, and blah...
c)Watch any unheard of movie just cuz Johnny Depp's in it
d)Spend alot of time staring at my wardrobe and finally wearing a kurtha that my mom totally hates...and will insist on my wearin something else.
e)Play football for hours...and enjoy the 'sweet-summer-sweat' and the swollen red face!
f)Read a book without realising passage of time,and scream at anybody who tries to talk to me at that time!
g)Watch the sunset for eternity...or the moon passing through the clouds... aah, what character!

Seven things i can't do

a)Grow my Nails
b)MATHS (and the exam had to get postponed...i want to be done with the subject!!damn damn)
c)Sit in a room temporarily inhabited by a dragonfly/grasshopper/wasp/anything that can fly
d)Sit and watch my grandmom do all the work
e)Drink milk that has aadai/yedu/cream... or, drink payasam
f)Watch old people run to catch buses...
g)Take/stand lies...

Seven things i say the most
c)Yeah right
d)Big deal!
f)Ehu ehu (cough)
g)Cross the bridge when u get to it

Seven untagged people i want to tag

Well... i don't think i want to tag anyone. This is quite a nice thing to do, so fellow bloggers, u can do it cuz i think people don't mind reading such stuff!
Atleast i enjoyed reading baggy's...

Signing off...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Should I be thankful houses in Chennai don't have Fire alarms?

Lesson learnt : Never ever make fun of tsb again!

If u guys havent figured where this post is heading after reading the title and the first line... i wud suggest you take a look at tsb's blog first. Anywayz...the story.
I was studying...sincerely. Cell biology. And there was this reader's digest sitting infront of me...very inviting, face to face wih Charlize Theron, nice photo on cover...some survey about men hiding emotions...So i decide to become a little in-sincere...and i open it. The last few pages of RD usually have these health tips and stuff. This time... there was something on how taking short naps can improve your concentration...very nice article with hard evidence, surveys and all. So what do u think any normal person would do? YES... its what u're thinking. I closed my book... and went to sleep...! K... then i woke up after a while. U know we have this crave to EAT something on a cold/rainy day after waking up in the afternoon (which reminds me, its raining here again)... There's a very beautiful scientific explanaion for that which i will not go into now....definitely some other time... so i had that crave... and there was NOTHING at all to eat... except this packet of pori (puffed rice). So, i decide to add some seasoning... i cant eat it just like that for chrissake... Thus, i switch on the gas and put an 'illipa chatti'/kadai/pan...whatever u call it. Add some oil, and pour the whole packet into the vessel... aah...and am mixing the salt and the chilli powder... smells nice. oooo. Then... turning point - phone rings. I pick up, i talk, i forget about the pori. Smell changes, not nice anymore. Sort of like its.... burning. Shucks... paaaaaaati adi pudikardhu! Grandmom comes into kitchen... by this time i've switched off the stove...and the stuff's smoking like a chimney...paati is no tension, no panic, no big deal types... she takes the stuff nd pours it into a container... and chucks the BLACK remains... and of now... am eating the unburnt, seasoned, slightly burnt- smelling pori... all for a crave for carbohydrate to touch my tongue...
Maybe i shud stress the first line of my post again. Even though my lesson was s'posed to have not talk on the phone when something's on the stove, or switch the stove off when you're yapping... or don't ever try seasoning your pori!

I was s'posed to post something else... but THIS, just had to be menioned...

Last thing... its my cousin's birthday today... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARTHIK from me, and all the lovely people who visit this crappy page and leave comments... God bless u all.

Signing off....

Saturday, November 19, 2005


My first exam sucked. And that's an understatement. But i am not going to rant about it...because its OVER and done with. And i do not plan to write an arrear paper...and God help me on that. Like that phrase 'Do your best, and God will do the rest'!! I don't know why i am saying this, but i am going to have a 'head-bath' tomorrow... to 'thalai muzhigify' the subject (for people who din undertsand that, am sorry but there's no english translation...anyone who knows wat that means and are capable of explaining, kindly put it up on the comments section) This a letter. There are things i've read before titled 'letter to God'... and they're quite nice to read u know. They're nice because you can relate to them, atleast here and there. Some of you might find it ridiculous, but hell, people do write stuff like that...and others read them. It
helps if you're under some sort of stress/strain/tension...pardon the jargon. Its the after-effect of my chemical engineering paper...which reminds me that though the 3 words convey the same meaning in this context, they are VERY different in chemical engg! Not deviating. Coming back the letter.... i am going to write a letter....but not to God (actually, i could do with writing one to the situation i am in!).

Dear, respected, admired, loved, (u can add more) Ms........,

I hope our dear Lord is keeping you and your family in the best of health and spirits. I think there are millions of people out there whose lives you have affected. In small ways or big. Some may have had sleepless nights, some may have caught colds standing in the open in the middle of the night... some may have a cried a river. Some may have gone through all of that. Maybe i don't belong to any of those categories, but u've been one big influence in this mundane life of mine.... Master of the pen, embodiment of creativity...this is a tribute to you, and your writing, and the influence you have all over the world, and to your life... what you were and what you are now...Maybe your life's an example of how one's career can be born from the ashes... very like a
phoenix...maybe not literally, cuz a phoenix symbolises 're-birth'. I have never been 'crazy' or maniacal about anything in the past...atleast not in this manner. u have the honour of making me go gaga/bananas about something...that is out of this world.
(if u still havent guessed who am talking abt...i have no words for you)

Joanne Kathleen Rowling.

What do i dedicate to you? Sleepless nights (my eyes glued to every word,sometimes in torch light brightness,or rather dim-ness!), the enthusiasm, the craving, the madness, the 'am-not-hungry-cant-you-see-i-am-reading-harry-potter' moments, the tears (oh my...its albus...and oh my, its snape, how dare he!), the wait, the anticipation....i hope its not going to be long.

I can just about wonder how it feels to be the most hyped writer in the world...but that hype didn't crop up from definitely earned it! Just a few chapters into 'philisopher's stone' and you have your readers... for years. They just increase in number... However busy a schedule, people take time off for HP...people skip meals, skip the bliss of slumber-land, skip feeling anything but what harry's feeling. I read somewhere that someone almost met with an auto accident reading goblet of fire on his way home! And as for me... i was climbing up the stairs with 'half blood prince' held opened in my hands... and the consequences were quite ugly, though i din fall... missed a step, and its scary when that happens! I bunked one day of college...and sat curled up on the couch, stretched out on the bed, in a funny sitting position on the floor...and
even in the loo with the book! And it was definitely worth that bunked-day! And you're not hungry, and you tend to scream at anyone who asks you something just because they're spoiling your continuity, and you laugh out loud...people in the house think you're sick up there. And when you're done reading...your head is clogged. You cant think of anything else! The whole thing's happening again in your're visualising it. Feels like you want it all to be true... u feel like fiction rocks. You want to trade the unreal for the real.

And there are the movies...I hear you are very very accomodative...don't interfere much. I think bringing a book onto screen itself is a daring attempt...cuz u have to be true to the novel... and in your case, there are people who are hard core fans...its difficult. And now...when the 4th movie is in the theatres, i just have to get myself stuck up with exams without which my life would definitely be a colour-filled rainbow! I cant watch it...for now. and i have come to realise how much HP affects me! How much of a fanatic i am. I don't like being crazy about anything...i don't like being affected or influenced by anything so much. But i love this! It feels nice to belong with the fans... to feel feels normal.
How the hell do YOU cope with all this? Doesn't it feel great? Sincerely my lady, you should be on the list of the 10 most influential people in the world or something! Did you know that the New york times had to re-arrange the pattern of its best seller list because your books were just clogged at no.1?

I could go on forever Jo... but i'm sure MY readers are getting bored now... cuz am just RAVING and maybe Ranting too....Bottom line... you rock! And we're waiting for book seven.... please please please....(tends to infinity) start writing soon...try not to kill Harry, Ron or Hermoine, and make it the biggest, fattest book you have ever written...and the one that will be remembered to any day as the glorious ending of a wonderful series...
Yours Truly,
an admirer.

If you guys are still reading... assuming u like Hp. Tell us if u saw Movie 4 and how u liked it...tell us any funny incidents u can relate to the books... tell us if u're as crazy as the admirer who wrote that crazy letter....The exams are definitely having an effect on the right side of my brain.... or is it the left? ;-)

Signing off...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Different World

Though my exams are putting considerable amount of strain on my head... they're helping me realise a few things which i think belong to the world of science....and you need to feel them to belong with science....Some things can't be put into words..... thats why u have the scientists.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.
- Einstein

I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.
- Isaac newton

Two quotes.... not exactly my state of mind, but the things that have been dawning upon me. I like what i am doing because there is this enigmatic element involved.... you can question so many things about your own body and not have a single answer, or have several answers.

I read somewhere....that science is like a forest we're trying to clear. And the more you get into the job....and look at the heap you've cleared, the more you realise you have a long way to go. So, the more you unravel... or the more you discover.... the more you realise your ignorance. And maybe that's what Sir Isaac Newton was trying to tell us... you look at the small details... and forget there's so much you don't know. So much nobody knows...Or maybe even the small details are so captivating that it seems impossible to step further into the ocean...But hell, its a step by step process... and i don't think anyone's reaching the summit. Maybe its because there can be no summit. Look at the pebble and you don't want the revelation of the ocean of truth...We're happy with a pebble and shell...
Ignorance is the fuel.

Welcome to the world of science.

(i think the post got a li'l out of hand....too science seasoned. sorry!)

Signing off...

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Its not a very common question that's asked around, but when it IS actually asked, it is my personal oservation that many many people who have been asked about it mention 'the-smell-when-rain-touches-the-ground'. You must have figured that the question is 'favourite smell' or something close to that....Some other nice answers i remember are petrol and freshly ground coffee. Maybe i remember them because they are among my favourites too...including the holy ash 'vibuthi' and any yummy smelling food...!! (who wouldn't like that!) Anywayz, thank i don't know what for our olfactory senses....even though we cant be as good as dogs. Ok, am starting to blabber.... so i'll finish this.

A while back.. i was browsing the net looking for some info that my damn text book did not have...microbiology BTW. And i happened to come across something abt the organism in question, but obviously not exactly what i was looking for (serenditpity, i've heard they call it)...hell, if i write what i just read, in my answerpaper, they'd probably strike off the whole paper!
Anyway, i think serendipity is a nice word (other words that i think sound nice are 'rhapsody' and 'placid' They somehow seem to convey the meaning with just the way they're u know why i have both words in association with my blog)..... cuz the concept rocks! Even Alexander Fleming is said to have been serendipitous, because he was merely cleaning up his laboratory when he discovered that the Penicillium mould had contaminated one of his old experiments. Apparently, the word has been voted among the 10 English words that are most difficult to translate! isn't that cool? Before i completely deviate, and forget what i wanted to post....the article.

Most people notice a distinctive smell in the air after it rains. It's frequently linked with spring, as the smell of fresh cut grass is associated with summer. You'll find it in a lot of poetry and also on many inspirational lists of things to be happy about. But what causes it?

As it turns out, the smells people associate with rainstorms can be caused by a number of things. One of the more pleasant rain smells, the one we often notice in the woods, is actually caused by bacteria! Actinomycetes, a type of filamentous bacteria, grow in soil when conditions are damp and warm. When the soil dries out, the bacteria produces spores in the soil. The wetness and force of rainfall kick these tiny spores up into the air where the moisture after a rain acts as an aerosol (just like an aerosol air freshener). The moist air easily carries the spores to us so we breathe them in. These spores have a distinctive, earthy smell we often associate with rainfall. The bacteria is extremely common and can be found in areas all over the world, which accounts for the universality of this sweet "after-the-rain" smell. Since the bacteria thrives in moist soil but releases the spores once the soil dries out, the smell is most acute after a rain that follows a dry spell, although you'll notice it to some degree after most rainstorms.

Aaaah.... i had to look up something about the history of dear actinomycetes... ('dear' now, cuz i know wat they was buggin a while back!)....n i ended up with something i've wanted to know for long! Funny....the way things work...

Why don't u tell us all what kind of smells you like? The Comments column awaits you!

Gotto get back to main stream microbiology...... :-(

Signing off...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What's in a name?

Is it a bad thing to keep posting abt the same thing over and over again? Even though this is only the second post with the same subject...anywayz, who cares!Like i already said in my previous post, i think the boy wizard saga needs a nice, elaborate post....but, am posting something else now....which again, is in bits....and is not doing justice to the series. Anywayz, i was just getting really bored....the loooong post is for some other day....For those of u who don't know, JKR said long back that the last word of the 7th book is going to be 'scar'...well, she said she may be changing it, but it will hold good with respect to what you will be reading below....for now, here are some proposed titles for Harry Potter book 7....or are they?

Harry Potter and the Last Grab for Your Wallet
Harry Potter and the Funding of Post-Graduate Study
Harry Potter and Voldemort (a wedding)
Harry Potter and the Extremely Exausted Author
Harry Potter and There's-Not-Going-To-Be-Another-One
Harry Potter and the Clash With Voldemort Which We All Know He's Going To Win So We Might As Well Save You The Trouble Of Reading.
Harry Potter and the Last Word is Scar
Harry Potter and the Tying Up of Loose Ends
Harry Potter and Lord Voldy
harry potter and the rediculosly long book
Harry Potter and the rest of the story.
Harry Potter and Magical Plastic Surgery (assuming that the last sentence will be "and finally he had a life without people recognizing him because of his scar.".)
Harry Potter and Sunshine
Harry Potter and the it was all a big joke
harry Potter and the "what are we going to do now?"
Harry Potter and the One Big Happy Weasley Family
Harry Potter and the 2008 US Presidential Election
Harry Potter and the Race to See Who Can Finish Reading it First
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Pepsi
Harry Potter and the Romance Between His Two Best Friends That They Never Told Him About
Harry Potter and Case of the Missing Mudbloods from 12.00am the day book 7 released
Harry Potter and the 7 year dream
Ha rry Potter and the Constant Deprivation of Sleep and Eating while you finish the 1000+ Pages
Harry potter catches a cold
harry potter; the godfather
the harry potter that jo couldn't come up with a title for
Harry Potter and Jo-Sincerely-Hopes-That The 7th Movie Doesn't Turn Out To Be Like Catwoman
Harry Potter and the Final Marathon To The Bookstore
Harry Potter and Oh Poor Dear! Bloomsbury Goes Bankrupt
Harry Potter and the stairway to heaven
When Harry Met Voldemort: A true story.
When harry met voldy : A Romantic comedy
Harry Potter and the Holy Grail
Harry Potter and the Over-Analyzed Book Series
Harry Potter and the Never ending Debates
I suppose one of the worst things that could happen to Book 7's title would be if Harry died in Book 6. We'd be left with: Ronald Weasley and What Do We Do Now
Voldemort's cookbook, a guide to boiling muggles
Harry Potter and the red-haired Tribe
Harry Potter and voldermort plee (will you please just walk into the veil?)
Harry Potter and I can't believe how many Harry Potter titles we've come up with
Harry Potter and J.O.I.N.M.E.N.T.A.L.I.N.S.T.I.T.U.T.I.O.N
Harry Potter and HAHAHA (the Unforgivable Laughing Curse)
Hairy Potty and the Underwear of Justice
Ronald Weasley and the Funeral of Harry Potter.
Harry potter and whatever happened to Jo having her title
and just for Peeves.....
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Poo

huff... i din want to put in'd get bored of reading. Though i personally found some of them hilarious.One small guys could put in your own titles on the comment page...lets c how creative, jobless, we can get! Which reminds me...the title in green is mine...

Its thanks to leaky cauldron for those titles...

Signing off...

Monday, November 07, 2005

Its Mania...Fever...craze

It was my wish to have a much longer, more elaborate and nicer post on this topic... but something i just saw has left me flabbergasted.... and has made me realise that i am indeed a fanatic. I just saw on NDTV and Headlines today, coverage of the UK premiere of Harry potter and the goblet of fire.... and i havent been able to think about anything else for the past 1/2 hour.... damn the movie's releasin on 18th nov... n my exams start on 19th. How sad is that? Its frustrating.... anywayz, one thing.... the movie looks GOOD. and EXPENSIVEly made.... hope it does well. And Ma'am J.K.Rowling..... u rock. If only u'd hurry up with that 7th book... we're all dying to read it....

I'll have a better post later... Harry Potter's one thing that deserves something better. Sorry abt this... i just HAD to mention it.

Yours "i love harry potter and am dyin to see the movie"ly

Signing off...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

birthday birthday

I forgot to do this in the morning... anyway, better late than never! Today, Nov 6th is My friend Sandhya's birthday....
Sand - Wish u a very very happy birthday and many more to come! Have a blast!
May your year be as happy, n successful as you would like.... n like i already told u, May the sun shine upon u and show u the way thro' the curtain of rain till the rainbow leads the way into tranquil and joyous days!

signing offffff.....

Saturday, November 05, 2005

What study holidays can do to you

Well.... i think the title of this post and the picture following it make this post quite self-explanatory..... damn damn....'Examinations are a humbug, from the beginning to the end'
Why don't people realise that study holidays are meant for anything but studying....but the sad part is that we can't stay without trying to study....for the first few days, its total fun...movies, books.... but then........ as the D day moves closer.... there's the 'guilt' factor and the 'fear' factor....

For now, i stick to "In examinations, the fool asks questions the wise can't answer" I guess Mr.Oscar Wilde knew his stuff right!

Signing off....

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Its been over an year since I got out of school...and got into college. Said goodbye to old friends...and made new ones. Ofcourse, we all move on...we have to. Not a single day passes when we don't think of school... n the people we were with. I mean, its not like we do it deliberately, but hell, some instance or the other...some phrase, some incident, some words...

u just remember...! Damn the hippocampus...!

And when you meet them again...and realise things just haven't changed, it feels nice. Its the same old jokes, the same tone, the same volume with which each one laughs, the same memories, the same fun,...or almost. So it doesn't mean that if paths crossed once upon a time,and went different ways, there's goin to be no crossing again...hell, we can't travel in parallel paths all our lives....they cross again, n again...maybe not always, maybe not with the ones you'd like your path to cross with... but it happens... unexpectedly...

i don't know why i wrote this sappy post. Maybe cuz i just met up with my vm mates... n they're goin back soon. Anywayz, there's one last thing before i finish- VM classmate, friend and fellow blogger ( in that order in my acquaintance), Nikhil is leaving Doha the day after tomorrow...well, he is coming back to india, but that kinda means that we don't get to read an updated blog on a daily basis. Anywayz, we shall look forward to updates, so please do update. And all the best... 2nd year mbbs n all.... i guess its better to give out prescriptions as a full doc than a 1/5 doc!

And... my exams are coming up :-( . Have to start studyin...DAMN!That'd mean less frequent updates... Why can't they just ban exams from the planet? Exams can rot in hell...n so can the people who first introduced them.

Signing off...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Its that time of the year....

Once a year i get to see the sunrise.... and that to, not by choice. Its a tradition....whereby you wake up anytime before 6.00am...for me, it means the time of the day that i'm just not familiar with, whatsoever.... Anywayz, everyone's in the festive mood, why spoil it....and besides, if you don't wake up, there are always atom bombs and double shots that scream in your ear....and make you feel like you've been riding on a bumpy road all you a feeling like you never slept. Welcome to the festival of lights (honestly, i think it should be re-named the festival of sound and pollution...but whoz asking me...) - Diwali. Of course the fireworks display in the sky is beautiful...if only the americans knew that the display that they rave about on their 4th of july celebrations happen at such a great and liberal extent here....but some things just don't change. Am sure those of you who aren't back home in india are missing it....and talk really high of it now, but i guess i won't think of it that way till i don't have it. The whole issue of knocking at people's doors and putting on a fake smile, and holding a plate full of goodies that were definitely not made at home (and were bought after one hell of an argument between the elders as to what the neighbours bought, and from where, and how we're not s'posed to buy the same thing from the same place) is just not the best thing to do in the world.... But anyway, am not complaining. Wish you all a very safe, prosperous and

signing off....