Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm going to let the photos do the talking this time :) Not like they'll tell you exactly what happened, or how i felt, or how amazing it all was...still, there was definitely more to this birthday than growing old ;)

After successfully accomplishing the task of waking me up and getting me out of bed (And trust me, its a very difficult task! You should ask my cousin(s) and my brother!), my friend very sweetly chauffered me...

Through the beautiful roads...sunlight filtering through branches...

...and to our destination...where she did one of the sweetest things ever...

Spent a moment reminiscing...

And some time acting like a scarecrow ;)(i'm not dancing for sure!)

and that, was the morning. Afternoon? Guess who sang for me! :)Couldn't get better!

But apparently, it could... :) Back to the beach in the evening. Another cake. Some more great company. Craziness.

My beautiful new door happened...

And so now i say...

Definitely, there couldn't have been a better way to turn 21! :D thankyou all for everything :)

Yours "Dear God, thank you"ly
Signing off...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

On Addiction and Attention

2 things deserve a mention on my addiction list. Or should i say, my 'latest' addiction list. One of them keeps me awake into the eerie hours of the morning. But i haven't managed to catch the sunrise yet. But i guess i'll blame that on the maargazhi maasam, which supposedly spells 'winter' in chennai-weather language, and hence, late sunrises! The TV show House. And its been thanks to my cousin's laptop (which btw, i christened Iris) that i've been able to snuggle up in bed, and get a horizontal view of a vertical screen ;) ok, i was just lying down and watching it! And so it played and played and played till my eyes couldn't fight gravity any longer. Suddenly i'd realise i had to shut Iris down, so that i don't kick 'her' off the bed assuming her to be a part of the enemy troupe in my battle-sequence dream! Yes, i dream of battles. But now, Iris is gone. And more importantly, my cousin's gone. So its goodbye to all the fun, and the excessively vetti things we did in the name of 'timepass', a term that's been abused way too much between us, in the past month. December has hardly ever been more fun! So thankyou, Visu, and Iris :) And i might add to dear cousin there, i'm sorry i ditched you and continued watching House. I was just addicted! So well, this humble subject is willing to accept any punishment from your highness ;)Iris took my addiction away with her! Maybe thats a good thing. I can finally get to all the pending work!

Addiction 2. This voice pouring its heart out singing "oh, its what you do to me..." I like songs that sound lazy. I like songs which are defined as much by the instruments as they are by the lyrics. This one though, has only a guitar. The voice seems perfect - lazy yet truthful, the lyrics sweetly romantic - not crossing the line to 'mushy', the tune - lovably monotonous. Plain White T's Hey there Delilah. Try listening :) It sure made someone who is presntly quite unwell smile for a while :) You're going to be just fine Lav!

And, for introducing me to both the show, and the song, i owe it totally to nitya. Thanks nit! (happy now nit? :D)

Attention can be a weird thing. The more of it you get, the more of it you demand. Maybe not always, maybe it depends on the kind of attention. But my opinion is that one shouldn't get used getting attention. It makes you dependent. And, will eventually be disappointing and difficult to accept once it disappears or lessens. *sigh* While we're at attention, House has been educating me, and un-boringly :)I now know that Munchausen Syndrome is an attention-seeking personality disorder where the patient seeks doctors' attention by faking diseases! Aint that so interesting :D

Oh, and, Happy new Year :) Welcome, 2008!

The lovely drizzle outside complements Hey there Delilah...perfect moment. True bliss. :)

"The world will never ever be the same
And you're to blame..."

Yours "Oh, Its what you do to me..."ly
Signing off...