Wednesday, March 22, 2006

50 first Posts!!

UPDATE: 27/3/06 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY NILESH! Wish you all the best for the coming year... Have a blast! Man did u just turn 20? wooo hoooooo!

I think this is one post that you should read at leisure... so, if you're on your way to some place and just wanted to take a quick glance....neah! And for God's sake, actually, for my sake, pl don't comment withouth reading!!!

There are some things you want to make special. Because you think thats how its meant to be. And there are times when you want to stop by and appreciate a few people... not just take them for granted. This is my 50th post. Maybe its not a big deal after all...but to me, it is. And its dedicated to those people because of whom this blog is still alive and kicking. The readers of this blog. My friends. Its a little ironic that i've come to know people from my own school better after we all left school. But i guess its better late than never...Here's to all of you!!

Were you the breeze that just blew? The breeze that came...and disappeared even before i could realise its very presence...? I hoped for the breeze to return...and it has returned. It will always return.

In alphabetical order...

(and....the "Best thing abt him/her" you'll be reading below is from my point of view... maybe, what i like alot abt the, you could give us your opinions!)


Anu's the reason i smile the way i smile. If you're wondering why...simple. I remember the way she used to show all her teeth when she had braces on...! And Divya has now become an ardent follower!:D eeee. I guess one of the funniest things we've done togther is coin the word BLOB and use it whenever possible, however irrelevant the context! esp in chem lab...pardners!!Lol...and, cycling buddies! Gawd, the way we used to pass comments on the guys on the roads! Best thing abt her : Dimple!! And...the facial expressions when narrating something funny (i hope u guys know wat i mean...) ;-) And singing with her!

Arvind Caulagi

Better known as just "caulagi". Someone who is trying to turn bully (can you believe that?), and has failed 10 years down the lane, he is going to own his own designer collection titled "Caulagi's" which nikhil thinks sounds very French!So welcome the future Manish Malhotra!One of the most enjoyable things we did together - get into a conspiracy to fool blogger world with news abt his supposed girl friend! That was so much fun! lol...
Best thing abt him : Talent. Draws like a dream. And... discussing all the junky movies that come out! And... he always keeps in touch, even if i may be slightly on the busier side ;-) (don't kill me for this Caulagi!)


Tsb sir.According to him, Seriousness is for the insane! Like i said, its ironic that we come to know a few people better after school...this is one such case. But, i think we always knew that tsb = joker in vm. And a good one! Lord of randomness! And hey, we're not forgetting the burping competitions which he always won are we? hehe...12A folks definitely remember the carbo-cation (carbocashion) episode! And the football, or rather pass-pass sesions where he
was always the Golie! And, he could be the easiest person to bribe! all you need is one plate of pongal chutney or masala dosa with hot narasus filter coffee! Anybody want some work done?
Best thing abt him : The humour! I havent had a single convo with him till date which hasn't left me laughing abt something...and the randomness which make alot of sense! and, the way he always types 'kaapi'!


Aah. We go back a long way...I think she was the one girl who was teased with the maximum no.of guys! Lol. From eshwran to nivas to shishir to Aditya...! You guys'll remember the bulb you gave her for her birthday...that was damn cute! And...she still has it. And yes, 12A's official singer. And i think she also happens to be the one who has received the most no.of surprises! I'll always rmbr the expression on her face when we surprise her... lol. It feels nice to see it!And... in the photo, she has a very decorated face, looking like some kind of a red indian! :D It was this year's b'day surprise!!
Best thing abt her : The way she analyses situations...and the way she gets irritated when i leave a piece of news incomplete... it makes me so mad with sadistic pleasure! Lol... she knows i always do it... but she'll still get mad :) I guess those kinds of things, we take for granted in very few people!


Future designer being nurtured by the fashion-yelling atmosphere of National Intsitute of Designing (NID). She's such an enthu-cutlet! And the enthusiasm is contagious...! She used to worship MK sir... and i guess she was the reason i did atleast half the math problems he gave us! Or then, Thasall! I remember she used to call me her "planning-guru"! Something i found a little embarassing... but liked all the same as long as she didn't use it infront of others! One of the most mermorable things abt her - the exchange betn her and Shakku! Anyone who didn't hear that, pl lemme know... i'll definitely narrate it! Way to go madhu!
Best thing abt her : The enthusiasm. And the books...she narrates stories so well!
(madhu, sorry i din have any other pic of u!)


Meaning of the word Nidhee - a Pink-loving sugary incarnation overflowing with sweet-ness.She cant say NO to anyone! Man... and people take advantage of that once in a while!( maybe i have a tendency to come under that list!) She partly features in the 'got to know better after school' list...ironic. Till now i thought she had the brightest smile ever, but a few months back i found out she had the brightest skin too! ( after nil said she has cheeks that glow!LOL) We were
braces buddies till a few days back... nj, did u have to get them off? One of the things we enjoy...the bike rides!!! Aaaaaah. And ofcourse hogging together, whenever, wherever!
Best thing abt her : The smile!! one's got sweeter! And... the aircel to aircel free calls scheme! Am sure that saves both of us alot of money...!


Ever heard of the word misconception? Aah...perfect example! Nik was labelled the biggest "padips" of the class in 11A. With the glasses and all... he really looked like an intellectual quizzer who'd made better friends with his books rather than the people around him! One msn convo, and one phone convo was enough to prove he was just as crazy as the rest of us. And 11A people, rmbr sheetal? Lol... that was super fun! He used to get so irrrritated! And mr.Leo's convos can also leave you laughing like hell. I think the incident we'll all rmbr best w.r.t nik is his pizza hut treat! Awesome fun man... and he was such a gracious host!:) Even after looking at the bill, he decided to shake hands with every one of this guests! Way to go Nik!
Best thing abt him : His abilities as a speaker. The way he rates the movies he watches... and that deep voice!


Presently calling himself Swami Nilesh Maharaj! I think Nil has always been known for the those spontaneous jokes! How many times we would have laughed... and obviously for his talent... what dancing man! Used to make me wonder if he was made of rubber band or something... I particularly rmbr the practice for his farewell dance - smooth criminal. Simply superb. And the most famous - Babuji! With his characteristic green jeans, white shirt and cap...Another thing is his phrase 'Show your dirty teeth'! I think he has the whitest teeth i've come across so far... and a very teethy smile! We're not forgetting football here...:D Lavanya's hse game, school...! Damn nil, the next time we play, we should make sure there's audience ;-)!
Best thing abt him : The jokes! Nil, pl don't stop them man... they rock! We don't want Nil maharaj n all. And i think he has the coolest caps in town! All branded...if only i had a sis like his! and obv the dance... *sigh*


Queens of sorries. She always has them well stocked up just in case she has to pull one out, sometime, some place! We make the drunken twosome! Man, i'm so normal in class...the minute i sit next to her, some kind of 'lets crack up' mechanism gets triggered and there goes...Sand, i think we're the only people who get so drunken just by thinking of a bacardi bottle! Lol...One of the things i'll always remember is the birthday surprise u gave me... it was great! And ofcourse... all the times we sit in the last row and sing in our pakka bewdi tones...with actions sometimes! not giving a damn abt whether others are looking or not... lol! Its such an escape from pretending to listen to boring lectures...
Best thing abt her : Her facial expressions! Simply superb...and obv all the mokkais in class...


My braces buddy! Maybe its not very wrong to say shruti has 2 homes... and mine happens to be the second one ;-)!!! Lol...She's the only person whose seen me in ALL sorts of attires and hairstyles (night-dress/kondai) and thats because she comes when least expected...and most of the time, gives no intimation! So lets just say i no longer consider her visits unexpected ;-). I don't know what her fingers are made of...she sketches/shades like a dream! Damn these archi
students! One of the incidents i'll always rmbr - the time when we both lay flat on our backs on the bare floor of my terrace gazing up at the starry beyond words.
Best thing abt her : her kurthas!They so rock... And sketches... and her mom's pasta and brownies! :D


Yours truly, Shantaram, the mechanical engineer with a teethy smile and a deep voice! He is again one of those people who fall under the 'better late than never' category even though we sat for hours together painting wooden hollows on charts for dramatics props... and conspired against KPR sir by copying in a test! LOL... that was super fun! Nilesh, remember aah? And here's another soccer lover! I like this... 3 soccer lovers in this list of mine! Great pass-pass at Anu's house last year! The three golden letters-AVK. Any guesses people? Ok, its just avuthu vitte Kazhude (untied donkey!)...a term used in households in chennai...when kids are vetti right after exams (mostly). And i guess that happened to me when my college opened after 6 months!:D
Best thing abt him : The passion he has for soccer! One thing i totally relate to...And obv that teethy smile!

I took quite sometime putting this post together...and i enjoyed doing it! If you're wondering why the quote in green was put up.... After school, i never thought we'd be in touch through such a nice medium... so, the breeze has returned! And i hope it stays... Thank You all so much for making this possible! Love you all.... God bless.

Yours "some moments give you such great satisfaction" ly
Signing off...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Greetings citizens of blog world!! Newspaper-man of 'the daily blogger' brings news of sudden deaths in the country... Deaths have been declared after our citizens over-stayed their time on the 'missing' list and failed to respond to outside stimulus or take heed of any sort of plea. Our Chief has hence declared them dead until further infromation is received. If you do have any latest information, be kind enouh to bring it to our notice by posting a 'comment' on the daily blogger's 'public speak' column. For further details, wait for next week's update! For the benefit of those who would like to help, the following citizens are temporarily declared dead :


this has been a great loss... we hope they will join us soon, like the etheral phoenix...

No offence meant...but PEOPLE ---- UPDATE!!!!!!! please...

UPDATE 17/3/06, 5.14pm : We would like to bring to your notice that we have received a positive response from citizens 1 and 2. No. 1 has joined us again, welcome back! and no.2 promises to rise asap! Thankyou for your support!

UPDATE 19/3/06, 7.44pm : Welcome back citizen no.3!

UPDATE 19/3/06, 21.24pm: Citizen 4...has returned from the dead!! Woo hoo...welcome back!

I'm overwhelmed by the response fellow bloggers.... lol!

signing off...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Little Rascal...

UPDATE : 11/3/06 - Happy birthday Tina! (the kid in kenya, prev mentioned in 2 posts)
13/3/06 - Happy Birthday Good ol' Lavanya!! We had fun setting up the surprise,hope you liked it too...Hope you have a great year ahead. God bless you.

I was a bad kid. I don't know how good/bad i am now...but i just realised that i was as bad as any kid can get. I was just sitting at a window seat on the bus today...the glaring sun slapping my cheek. And out of nowhere this scene popped up into the idle mind that was mine... it clearly depicted a small passage-way in a comfortable house with blue floor tiles...and there was this little girl with her mother. And they were both sitting on the floor bending over what looked like an empty tin of milk powder. The little girl was on the verge of tears....and her mother was sure getting angrier every minute. People say fathers handle daughters better...maybe its true. But its also true that daughters handle fathers better....maybe fathers just allow themselves to be handled by daughters! Don't know if that made sense.... Anyway, the little girl had to make a 'vehicle' as an assignment...any vehicle... car, bus, lorry, wheel-barrow. For those of you who are not really familiar with the wheel barrow, its a cart used by put their weeds etc. The little girl and her mother were quite handicapped when it came to skills like these.... the thing needed to move! What would they do for the wheels? How would one be able to pull it? This was just not working... the teachers thought it would be a very interesting, innovative thing to do... but this was just not happening! The girl started crying...slowly. First soundless tears began to roll down, then sniffs were heard...then hard core crying... oh my! Cant i just get a fever or something!!

It was getting late.... and the doorbell rang. Dear daddy was home...tired, dirty with grease on his hands, sweating...engineers do have tough jobs! The sniffy little girl waited till he'd had dinner...and then sat on the floor and started to cry, and cry hard...had to look pavam! And daddy gets irritated...hell, he wants to sleep. He's so tired! But no...the kid wants a 'vehicle' made, and made NOW. He curses for a bit...and then rolls up his sleeves...gets his tool box (advantages of having an engineer for a father)... removes wire, nails, hammer...He gives the empty milk-powder tin a long stare...and his face shows he's definitely decided on how he's going to get rid of this nag! He takes the tin and nails either ends, makes holes...puts the thick black wire through it, and twists the wire from above...he works for sometime...and all this time, the little girl, puffy-eyed, still hiccuping from the long cry, sits beside her big and strong father...watching him work. About an hour later, there's a wheel barrow staring up at her. And the genius of the father made sure it moved! Daddy finally stands up...and is on his way to bed...but he hasn't heard a word from the brat on the floor....and why? Because she didn't want a wheel barrow!! She wanted a car...or atleast a lorry! And so...she started crying again...silently... hell, tears are always readily available! Poor daddy gives up and just walks you see the mother is not as accomodative as the father...she cant take so much nonsense from this 4-feet-tall, double-plaited daughter... Thus, the sniffing kid is shown the way to bed...and she cries herself to sleep.

Can you believe i did that to my father? I cant beleive it... i was such a brat! He was so tired...and i wasn't happy with what he did! I remember another time he made 3 dimensional shapes for school... my favourite was the pyramid... damn. I don't know why i was thinking about all this in the just made me realise how bad i was... and how even today, i might not be giving him what he wants...i told myself i'll make sure i make him as happy as i can...whenever i meet him, spend some time with him...doesn't happen too often. It seems so much like a thing of the with the same house...go out on weekends as a father's favourite show even if we dont understand a thing...try not to use the phone after he's back from story books using a torch light because he cant sleep until all lights in the house are switched off... hesitantly show him progress report and wait for his question "why isn't there a 3 digit number in maths?, ok, do better next time."...Eat pringles together, one each, one per day... giggle when he walks into the room wearing shorts! Small things... how distinctly we remember them...

I think it is true that we dont realise the imprtance/meaning of a few things till we cease to have them... i know most of you who read this blog do not stay with your parents full time any longer.... but those of you who do, make the most of it! Its one of the best things in life...

I guess the comments wud be more lively with personal experiences! Come on, we were all brats! And if u weren't one, pl don't read this blog hereafter! ;-)

Signing off...

Sunday, March 05, 2006

When the breeze sways your way...

There are days when early in the morning, you know its just not your day. You might start with a stumble out of bed...but there are days when goodness seems to be swaying your leaves a feeling of great satisfaction in you...and makes you smile. 4/3/05 was one such day...and i remember it because its been long since a day passed without me frowning about something!

Results fever in the air... all you want to hear is that you've cleared all papers... i didn't hear the phone ring at 5.55am...but i was woken up and given the phone. All i heard was 'Divya results are out man, you passed, i think 85%, congrats!' and if it had not been for my sour throat, and my quasi-awake state, which made me feel like i was still dreaming, i would have screamed! Sandhya, thanks for that phone call!! I still remember last sem when i got my results, i told my cousin to check if all subjects say "P" (for pass) and then call me to check my marks! This time it wasn't necessary... A moment after jumping out of bed, i was at the computer...checking marks for all the hostelites over the phone...almost all of us had a 100%pass...and that was really really great! College was the usual affair... we cracked up more than usual, it was fun.

Next mission, visitng aunt. Smiles. Small talk. It was nice... the best thing abt visitng her is the coffee...aah! Freshly ground.. i havent tasted better coffee anywhere else in the world till date! She could give coffee- day, barista, java green a run for their money...i keep telling her that. And then i met up with a friend... one of those meetings you think is going to turn out awkward, but turns out great. Really nice...and the meeting landed me a jackpot...! Got something i've been wanting to own... perfect gift...aah. Rarely happens...held back tears.... and when it happens unexpectedly, it feels euphoric! Ever experienced that?

Night... watching this show called "sangamam" on Vijay Tv... anyone who stays in chennai and does not watch it, can please kick himself/herself. They get one singer to come on to the show and sing a rally of songs for an hour....and its hosted by a very talented singer - Matangi (my cousin finds her very pretty too!). This singer called Devan was on yetserday, with his guitar. He sang so many songs...his own. Songs that are not very melodious, but are popular because of their feel...oh Maria, Smaiyai, many more am not able to remember... i fell in lvoe with his voice and his strumming skills at the end of the show! his illaya nila was brilliant... talent man!

Overall, nice day.

Anyway, gotto sleep now....

Signing off...